WTS focused Orca pilot 7.5M sp

selling this character. 7.5M sp, 35k unallocated. will continue to to do the daily free sp event until it sells so it’ll have a bit more by then.
focused orca pilot, no wasted sp.
has biology & cybernetics to 5 and full +5 training clone.
has shield skills and drone interfacing to 5 so it can easily be trained into drone ratting
skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Davai_Lama
positive wallet, positive sec status, no kill rights, no jump clones, almost completely default standings.
2 remaps available
character is in a station in hisec (Mesybier), is in npc corp

starting bid 4.5b
buyout 8b

5.5 bil

5.5b current bid, still going




6,5 bil


6.8 bil

6.8b current bid, will let it run till sunday. highest bid at downtime sunday takes it unless someone buys out.


7 bil


7b current bid, auction ends tomorrow at downtime


Sold to Ja Su for 7.5b. Will initiate transfer as soon as payment is made

Isk and account name sent

isk received, transfer initiated and paid for. ty

Thanks again

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