WTS 19mil SP Orca pilot

5minutes ago went into NPC corp, skillboard hasnt updated yet (DT will fix that)

19 249 251 SP
Mainly Orca pilot + support skills

Multiple Drone Skills on Level 5
Advanced Industry on Level 5
Industrial Command Ships on Level 5

Mining Foreman Mindlink in

Positive wallet and Positive status
No killrights
Jumpclone available
Remaps 2
Location Hsec (The Forge)

I will pay transfer fee
Taking offers

10 bill

10.1 bill

10.2 bill


Offer retracted

Daily bump.
Keep the offers coming.
I will be gone untill monday, will look at the offers back then. o/


15bil highest offer from Freak 03
I’ll give it untill tonight (monday) 18:00 UTC for others to post their bids if they so wish.

Otherwise, Freak has won. Will contact you around 18:00 if nothing else.

Cancel my offer. I’m sorry.

No problem.

Character is still for sale then, give me offers o/

Daily bump

Up we gooo. Bump





13.8 offer

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