WTS 32m Orca, Freighter, Cyno, Bomber

I am for sale.

Great Orca pilot, good boosts, good refining skills.
Also freighter, bomber, cyno, etc.
Almost ready for rorq.

No skills in queue, located in Amarr with +4 attribute enhancers
Positive wallet
No killrights
2 remaps

22b buyout

What is your price?

26b buyout

I am willing to go as high as 22bill - would that be acceptable for you? We can finalize asap. Ping me here or in the EVE, I am buying your toon :stuck_out_tongue:

offer retracted

Still for sale

13b qaq

Thanks for offer but looking for more

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20 bil

I accept your offer of 20b. Please transfer isk to this character and I will begin transfer.

isk sent and account name sent

Isk received, starting character transfer now.

Character transfer should be complete in 10hrs, enjoy o/

Character transfer complete. Thank you have a good one!

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