job: miner / manufacturer

Nice Orca pilot/Skiff refining skills and more.

wallet: +
implants: -
sec status: +
respecs: +
killrights: -

If u want I can throw in an Orca and Skiff.

Skill Sheet

looking for B/O 13b or satisfactory offer. 1st come, 1st served. Otherwise all CCP rules apply. Char wil be in NPC corp and in Highsec at the time of sale.

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I will give you 8 bil

Thanks for your offer but looking for a bit more


Thanks for your bid, highest so far

Can you accept 10B’s offer?


Sorry for the late response, kindly note thaat the character has 16msp and can do 10B.
If you need a fully fitted Orca let me know then ill include it and it will make the BO 11B

Still for sale

10b b/o

Bid accepted.

Ill be in game within a few hours, kindly send account details and such in game for transfer.

Isk and account details sent

Isk received and character transfer innitiated, kindly confirm once received.

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