(Sold) WTS 8.5mil+ SP Orca Char

(Hexator Gaming) #1

Sold sorry

(Tota Lazhole) #2

3.5 B I know its not nearly what your looking for, It’s just that the toon has a decent base for what Im looking for ( not an orca pilot ) but I will still need to buy about 3.2 bill worth of extractors to get him re focused.

(Struggle Cuddle) #3

Whats the password?

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #4

5 bil

(Struggle Cuddle) #5

6 bil

(Hexator Gaming) #6

PW: 1234

(Hexator Gaming) #7

6.5 b and you can have it

(Qirna Shana) #8

6.5 b

(Hexator Gaming) #9

6.5b bid accepted from Qirna Shana. I will begin transfer when isk and account name are sent via in game mail.

(Qirna Shana) #10

ISK transferred and evemail sent.

(Hexator Gaming) #11

Transfer is done. Thank you and enjoy

(system) #12

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