CLOSED WTS 4.6mil SP starter orca/cyno alt character

I am selling this character as I was planning to make him Orca alt, but never actually got to finish it. I don’t have time to pursue it anymore.

Skills, jump clones, standings and implants:

Mining Foreman 5
Mining Director 4
Shield Command 4
Orca capable in couple of hours, only ORE Industrial and Industrial Command Ships required to be trained. Skills already injected!
Cynosural Field Theory 4

Positive wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita
Remap available now

Starting bid 4b
BO 5b

I’ll pay the transfer fee, all CCP rules apply.

bidding 4b !

daily bump

Hello, I accept the 4b bid. Please send me the isk and the account name. I will transfer me tomorrow (EU time).

daily bump. I am still for sale.

daily bump

daily bump

4 bil

I will Buyout, 5b

Hello SGTMadison, I accept your BO. Please send the ISK and account name to me. I will start the character transfer afterwards.

Hello Sofra Gaterau,
If your bid is still valid, please send the ISK and account name to be.

I am closing this sale, because no bidder actually seems to be interested.

hey I am if you’re still selling it.

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