(sold) WTS 5m sp orca

(Stokrai) #1

Selling this character for the highest offer. Will give it a few days or til I reach an agreement. Character is in high sec, positive sec, postitive wallet, +5 Implants, check eveboard or reply if you have any questions or offers.

Skills and stuff

(Izaq) #2

how much

(Reck Isayeki) #3

Do you have a rough price youre looking for?

(Odelll) #4

4 billion

(Stokrai) #5

Sry rl happened. Character still for sale

(Inactive Seller) #6

i offer the 4b

(Stokrai) #7

Bid accepted. send account info and isk and I will start transfer

(Inactive Seller) #8

give me 5 mnutes, i need create a new account .

(Inactive Seller) #9

isk and acc name sent. I was forced to finish the transaction in a Starbucks by second time.

(Stokrai) #10

Isk and account info received. Character transfer started

(system) #11

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