Orca pilot, 11.6mil SP, nice core and drone skills


(Baexx) #1


Located in highsec.
Positive standing.
Positive wallet.
2 bonus remaps.
+5’s in the head.

A good rorq candidate.

I will pay the transfer.

Bids over 12b will be considered.

(Baexx) #2

Bump! This is a nice semi afk isk making character!

(Arc Hammer) #3

10bil, ISK ready now

(AfterChanged) #5

13b,It’s ready

(Baexx) #6

Accepted, please send me the account name and the isk, and i Will start the transfer within an hour.

(Baexx) #7

Going to bed now, if you have sent the account information and the isk when i wake up i will start the transfer :slight_smile:

(AfterChanged) #8

Isk and account details sent.

(AfterChanged) #9

Please reply when you receive isk,thank you

(Baexx) #10

Received the isk and account name, starting the transfer asap :). Will let you know when i start it.

(Baexx) #11

Started the transfer, enjoy!

(AfterChanged) #12

Confirm receipt of role transfer,thank