SOLD WTS Stripped female Barge IV interceptor 5.5m

Hi, for reasons out of my control i was forced to strip this pilot to use the skill points in other things.

She can use a barge and a gallente interceptor.

I am now selling her, not much case in put eveboard because show 28m

Really the pilot have 5.5m

Skills :

Cpu management V
Gallente Frigate V
evasie manuvering V
hull upgrades IV
Mechanics IV
drones V
cloaking IV

cyber IV

mining :

astrohgeology V
Mining V
Mining barge IV
Reporocessing V
reprocessing eff IV
Mining upgrades III
some PI

plagio scordite and veldspar IV

She is in high sec, all ccp rules apply, positive wallet, no kill rights have some +4 implants

If interested answer the thread, i am not reading eve mail.

I’d still like an eveboard.

3.5b bo

4b b/o.

4.1b bo

4.2 b/o

SOLD to Charon , send the 4.2 and i deliver the pilot in 30 min.

4.2b transferred to Arica Vaille. In game mail with account details sent.

I do the transfer one moment ago, yopu must receive the mail shortly,

Many thanks

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