SOLD WTS Female Ceptor Wormhole and PI 10m

Selling Myself

  • +5 full set in a clone in high sec.

  • Interceptor Capable

  • 6 planetats with command center V

  • Current planets do mechanical parts and the other component of robotics.

  • Cybernetic V

  • Astrometrics V and other things for scanning

  • many books injected.

  • Decent name

  • Short History

  • Decent drones

  • No wasted points

  • No paper armor

  • Good base Skills

Positive wallet No killing rights, is in high sec, all ccp rules apply.

I want sell this pilot because the cyno changes Transfer in CC euros then is very quickly.

Answer the thread, dont checking pilot

lets start.
7 bil

10.5b buy out. isk ready, are you?

YEah, ready for transfer.

Sending info and isk ingame.

I am online, give me a minute and i transfer.

Isk and Acct Name sent please confirm receiving them?

Yes, received.

I done the transfer one Moment Ago. Please confirm you receive the CCP email.

email received, thank you.

I note only get 10 and miss 0.5b of your offer, please sned the money to REDACTED

Thanks !

APOLOGIES!!! it has been sent to correct the issue. <3 ty

Received, a pleasure do busoiness with you

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