SOLD WTS Female ICE Exhumer IV 5m without history

Selling Myself

  • Decent name
  • No History
  • Decent drones
  • No wasted points
  • No paper armor
  • Mining V

Positive wallet No killing rights, is in high sec, all ccp rules apply.

I want sell this pilot because the cyno changes Transfer in CC euros then is very quickly.

Answwer the thread, dont checking pilot

Saturday bump

Sunday Bump

1.5 B

1.8 b

3B B/O

Guys, be serious, remember price of transfer.

Monday bump.

I go to stay outside the city, checking thread in night.

Today bumpo.

Today Bump.

yet another daily bump

I can pay you 4.25b for the Pilot right now.

@ortzog Offer Accepted

Isk and Account name Sent. Please transfer in an hour aprox, i a biomassing a charcater and the slot is used.

Received, i transfer in an hour or two, please answer the thread when you receive the pilot or ccp eve mail

Transfer done, please confirm when you rceive the pilot.

Pilot Received.

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