15m SP Cyno/Mining Alt -- Nullsec Raised


Recon Ships V, Barges V, Exhumers IV,
Cyno V, CovOps IV, Nullsec Ores

+4 Implants, 1 Bonus Remap

Pos sec status, No Killrights, located in Jita

All CCP rules apply.
I pay transfer fee.

Starting bid 7.5b
BO 12b

̶6̶b̶ ̶o̶f̶f̶e̶r̶


go on with your bad self…


7.5b offer

Thank you. Your bid is noted.

How urgent are you?
If I said “yes”, would you be ready to transfer isk?

I am available to transfer the funds and give account name.

You have my interest.

You have met starting bid.

The original ad is 13h old. I’m giving myself more time.
If you become no longer interested at any point, please let me know.

Hoping to square this up in the next hour or so.

I can’t let her go at 7.5b, man. I appreciate your forthrightness, but I can’t limit myself by that timetable.

You know she’s worth more. If you want do make a buy in an hour, I’d take 10b.

8.75b figured a split

Make it the full 9b and I can start your 10 hour waiting period in 10 minutes.

Money transferred. Account name sent ingame mail.

received, on it :slight_smile:

Received payment confirmation from CCP.

Enjoy the toon.

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