No kill Rights
No Jump clones
located in Caldari highsec (2 jumps from Jita)
Positive wallet
I pay the transfer.
Start bid 12b
Buyout 17b

roger devlin's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App (updated skillboard, hopefully working now)

Link not working, but I’ll start at 15b

Daily bump

16b bo

Daily bump

Buyout reduced to 18b

Daily bump.

Come buy me!!

Daily bump.

Buyout reduced for final time.

Caldari Citizen 2120535128

Sold for 16b if you are still interested in him. Let me know.

yes pls give me 24h to prepare

I’m home for the holidays. I’ll pay later

Previous bid has been cancelled due to lack of contact,


B/O is 16b, not looking for lower than this.

I’m back bro. I will pay you in 3hours

Bro I’m ready

That’s great, but my account is still 16b isk light :slight_smile:

Send the isk and i can begin transfer process.

Ok I recivied

You received what? I messaged yesterday and advised the process, yet logged on 1 minute ago and isk still not transferred. I’ll give you 7 1/2 hours (thats 2pm GMT, 8/2/23) to send the isk or i will have to cancel your bid and start afresh. Any isk sent after that point from you will be considered a donation.

12b offer

Deadline passed. No contact from previous buyer, so toon still for sale.

Not looking for anything less than 16b, but if you want to throw bids at me higher than (i.e., bidding war) before i read forums next, then please feel free :slight_smile: