36mil+ sp.
Positive Wallet \o/.
No Kill Rights!
Located and Docked in Jita.
Jump Clone Located In Nakri(0.8).
Remap available.

Starting bid: 15bil
Buyout: Maybe, make an offer!

20b buyout offer.

23b :ok_hand:

Bid or Buyout-offer? if bid, i went waaay to low on starting bid :smiley:
BO-Offer is 23b. i will wait 60min before selling.
Bids over 23b are ofc accepted, aswell as BO-offers. Please clearify if you are making a bid or a BO-offer :slight_smile:

Edit 3.
Will a reply to a post count as a bump? :stuck_out_tongue:

23b is my offer if you want to accept or wait for a while. Your starting price was a bit low :wink:

23b it is :slight_smile: contact me with info.

Im just finishing work, will send isk and info as soon as i get home, 1-2 hours thank you. Can you send me a pm ingame, your name doesn’t seem to come up in the search

Started convo, still nothing?

Send a mail.

Im not logged in at the moment, was going to send u a message earlier from eve portal but coundnt search up your name, i will try again when i get home in a short while.

can you convo me please if your online, still can’t get your name on search :confused:

confirming isk and account info sent thank you.

Edit: if i dont hear anything from you by 9am eve time, i will assume its a scam and submit support ticket.

Isk recieved and character transfer done.

Sorry about disappearing, was getting late for me :slight_smile:

Transfer recieved thankyou

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