(Arskaa Funaila) #1
pw: 123

Starting bid is 20bil. Can sell fast for a reasonable b/o.

The character has 1 remap available. For some reason eveboard is not showing this.

(Kir51) #2


(Milena Kulaki) #3


(Kir51) #4

16.5 bil

(Tony Corleown) #5


(Artis Talvanen) #6

20b offer

(Arskaa Funaila) #7

Bid accepted. Please send isk and account info.

(Tony Corleown) #8

20.5 if he doesnt show

(Arskaa Funaila) #9

Send isk and account info.

(Artis Talvanen) #10

Hey sorry, I am finally home. Is my offer still valid?

(Arskaa Funaila) #11

Hey, sure thing. I havent received any other payments thus far so send me the relevant information and I’ll initiate the transfer

(Artis Talvanen) #12

Okay, money and acc info sent!

(Arskaa Funaila) #13

Transfer initiated. Enjoy your toon :slight_smile:

(Artis Talvanen) #14

Got the confirmation, thank you!