(Caster Aivo) #1

for sale
all cruisers V
starter rorqual pilot

start bid 27B
B/O 35B

(Mila Utrigas) #2

I’ll start you up with 27b.

(Bertstare) #3

27.5 bid

(Mila Utrigas) #4

29b final offer from me

(Caster Aivo) #5

29b accepted, send isk and account name

(Mila Utrigas) #6

Hello! Terribly sorry, but can I send the money tomorrow? It looks like I’ll be needing to sell some assets to afford the character, so if you can wait a day, I’ll be able to purchase it for sure :slight_smile:

(Caster Aivo) #7

ok, i can wait

(Mila Utrigas) #8

Money and acc info sent.

(Caster Ormand) #9

isk received, transfer initiated

(Mila Utrigas) #10

Got the character as advertised, thank you!

(Caster Ormand) #11

fly safe!

(system) #12

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