Positive wallet
No kill rights
Remap available now
Positive security status
Located in Rens (can move to any high-sec system)
Excellent Minmatar and Gallente standings

Caldari Frigate 5
Covert Ops 4
Interceptor 3

Starting at 3.5B ISK
Reserve the right to B/O to offer.

All CCP rules apply.

4.75b offered

4,8 b

@ProfCooper, maybe i can purchae you. Can u put a link in for see corporations ?

Sorry really can’t be bothered to register with another skillboard website.

understand. is the reputation Corps, no your history corps. No need api to register.

Sold, i send the isk when ome in night or sooner if someone purchase me the two toons ( can navigate in spce in my klaptop )

I will initiate transfer as soon as 6B ISK was paid in full.

Thanks. Anyway i go to transfer to an account receiving another pilot.

6b deklivered and account too,

i am receiving a pilot now, send in five or six hours please.

Sorry it’s getting too late for me. Will transfer tmrw after work.

Ok no problem. i go to answer here when ready to receive.

Ready to receive transfer. Please update the thread when done.

Character Transfer started.

Many thanks.

Have fun with ur new toon!!

Pliot received

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