WTS 6.8m SP Freighter Pilot, DST, Ceptor - Sold

Me for sale.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ryaanj_RC3 16

Complies with all requirements of the character bazaar.

I have just this minute left corp so it will update in a few moments.

6bn BO

  1. Wallet balance.

Positive wallet balance

  1. Kill rights

No Kill rights

  1. Jump clones

no Jump Clones

  1. Character location.

High Sec Security space


6bn will take it. Ready to go, instant transfer.

Offer 4.5b - Consider this a bump towards your goal.


almost there >,< . go 6 and ill transfer it now.

I can do 5.5b before I go to work (next 30 minutes). That’s as high as I can go.

aye go on then, accepted - send isk and account details.

Isk and account details sent.

Transfer Complete o7

Just got the transfer email. Thanks again.

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