WTS 28M SP Carrier Pilot


No killrights, positive wallet, no implants, docked in Kisogo.

Asking 30B OBO

28bil. Will be home in 16 hours to transfer isk if you accept

I accept 28b

I’ll send isk and details later today - Im away from my pc until 1800 eve

No problem, thank you

Isk and details sent. I managed to get my laptop to work.

Please wait until after 0700 eve to start the transfer, I have another one in progress until then

Unfortunately I’m away from my computer for the next 8 hours, but will start the transfer as soon as possible.

Looks like we are opposite time zones, apologies for the delay!

No worries!

Welp i had offered 29b on the other post you commented on for this toon
You just never replied but now i see its sold

Whelp that’s too bad, I’m sorry Mr SpicySpaceNoodle. As much as I’d like the extra money, I don’t want to do Pep dirty.

All good in da hood

ISK received, transfer initiated.