I am for sale.

Some of the skills Include,

  • Exhumers to 5
  • Reprocessing to 5
  • Reprocessing Efficency to 5
  • Reactions to 5
  • Mining to 5
  • All high sec tech 2 crystals.
  • Positive Wallet
  • Npc Corp
  • In Jita

Asking price is 6 bn isk

Thank you

eveskillboard please, I might be interested

Hey i was supposed to add that updated with the link :slight_smile:

ty, would you take 4.5b isk ready right now ?

Looking for a bit more really.

5b ? : )

Would you be willing to do 5.5? If so ill do the transfer right away.

I accept, isk and infos sent

Isk and infos received, Transfer started. Thank you and Enjoy your new toon :slight_smile:

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