Hey guys


Will be in Jita at time of sale
Positive wallet
In starter corp
Trained the odd bit of social and navigation to help with distribution missions but most of the SP is in trade

Can do L3 distribution for caldari navy and has fit in L3 station ready to go.

3.5b when tycoon 5 is finished

Is this still valid? If not back up for sale

3b ready

I accept send ISK and account name I’ll start transfer within an hour of receiving

isk sent. transfer info sent ingame

Ok mate, I have the notification I’ve received but I’m struggling to get online atm, having some wifi router issues. Please be patient and I’ll start process as soon as itll let me. If it’s not fixed by the end of the day I’ll take me PC to my brother in laws and send you the ISK back. Just bear with me while I try and fix it

It wont be long I’m on the phone to my ISP

ok mate. i’m not in a hurry.

Transfer initiated mate, enjoy

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