• Link: EveSkillboard - Caldari Citizen 528859045
  • Date of Birth: 2006-10-23
  • Unallocated Skill Points: 55,255
  • Allocated Skill Points: 822,632
  • Total Skill Points: 877,887
  • Yearly Remap: 1
  • Bonus Remaps: 3
  • Security Status: -0.05

Starting bid: 6B

This character is able to have it’s name changed, right? What is your buyout price?

That’s my understanding. If you tell me how to confirm, I’ll do so. This character was renamed by CCP some years ago.

I received an initial bid of 6B. I’d accept a B/O of 8B.

I agree to buyout at 8 bil.

If the name was changed via ccp I can change it. Thank you will send isk once you confirm deal.

Offer accepted. Please transfer isk and provide the account name to initiate the transfer.

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Isk and info sent. Thanks for the fast responses.

Isk received. I don’t see the account name, though. Where did you send that?

Thought I put it in the notes on the isk transfer. Have sent a mail in game containing the account info just now to the character.

Transfer initiated. Thank you!

Will be completed after: 1/2/2022 6:51:59 AM

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