Already Sold

Starting bid 8 billion
Buyout 12 billion

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Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
5m+ sp in gunnery
can use t2 small hybrid turrets
level 5 gallente tactical destroyer.
Located in Hek
yearly remap and 3 bonus remaps available
level 5 mining barge

Offering 8b.

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daily bump

what is the lowest you take as a buy out.

10 billion

i live in us if you can wait until tomorow around 12 cst i will buy for 10 bil.

Hm, 10 bil was my max. Since that’s b/o, I’ll just send ISK and info.

i retract my offer good luck

accepted send isk and info i will check in about 3 hours from now

Character transferred there can be a delay as per eve online’s security service.

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