+ Sold


Spaceships 30m+ SP
Gunnery 10m+ SP
Drones 9m+ SP
Missiles 9m+ SP

Located Jita 4-4
2 remaps available - 1x normal + 1x bonus
5 Jumpclones
No kill rights
Positive Killboard https://zkillboard.com/character/90666478/
Positive sec status and wallet

All CCP rules apply etc

Starting Price 80b, Lower offers will be ignored

Buyout: make me happy

I could get to 77 bil if you’d consider pulling back a bit.

I bet 80 billion.

81 B offer ingame

daily bump

Still 4 sale

daily bump

Still 4 sale

Hello, i sent you a mail ingame

i will accpet the B/O from Organa_Smith_Legend . plz send the isk and a email with the account

As agreed in game I have sent an 82.5b B/O

Isk and account details sent. Awaiting transfer.

Thank you

21 Nov 2017 15:41

EVE Character transfer"

the transfer is in work


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