SOLD delete please

  • Skillpoints 56,108,337 - All frigates T2, all Destroyers T2, all Cruz T2 (except Gallente), Legion and Tengu subs on lvl 4 and 5,all BCs lvl 4, Minmatar BS lvl 5 (other lvl 4), all drones T2 (except Heavy), all Small, Medium and Heavy Weapons T2 (except Hybrids), all most important Engineering, Armor and Shield skills on lvl 5, also basic Scaning skills (they allow to scan and hack relics in 0.0 in CovOps), check eveboard for more details.

  • Location - HS Jita 4-4

  • NPC Corp

  • Active JC - 1 in Jita 4-4 second station (Max - 5)

  • Positive wallet ballance

  • Security Status 4.23

  • Unallocated SP 355,689

  • Free Remaps 1

  • No Kill Rights/No bounty

  • Nice green KB

  • Unlocked Missions LV4 in Caldari Navy (7.92) and Sisters of EVE (6.57)

  • 9.13 Stand to True Creations (Sansha)

  • Few LP in various Corps

I will pay for Transfer Fee ofc. Starting bid 45 Bil. Buyout 55 Bil.

45 bil buyout offer

Thanks for your offer. Buyout is 55B.

you will never get 55bil for it… mark my words and enjoy your wait

Don’t worry i have plenty of time.

cash is king, no worry. keep holding the bag :joy:

45.5 billion.



Offer accepted.

50 billion

ISK and account name sent via ingame mail.

Apologies for the delay.

Is there an estimate on when you can transfer the character?

Sold for 50B. Thread to close.

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