• 18,280,799 SP - Gallente Cruz 5 (16 days left to Ishtar), Navigation 5, the most important engineering skills on 5 (including Weapon Upgrades 5 and Energy Pulse Weapons 5 (smartbombs cycle)), Hull upgrades 5, Drone Interfacing 5 - for more check eveboard profile

  • Capable to rat in Afk Nexor Navy Issue and smartbomb rat in Machariel, Vindicator, Megathron Navy Issue and Typhoon Fleet Issue

  • Positive Wallet Balance

  • 2 bonus remaps

  • Character position - Jita 4-4 HS

  • Security Status - 5.0

  • Jump clone in Jita 4-4

  • Npc Corporation

  • No Kill rights

Starting bid is set for 14b ISK. I will pay for transfer ofc.

12.5 b



ISK sent, account info sent.

Character transfered. Delete please.

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