Skill Sheet

Positive balance, NPC Corp (waiting for the skill sheet to recognise the change), no kill rights, will be docked in Jita 4-4. One bonus remap, next regular available next August. Currently on an Int/Mem remap.


  • Exhumers 5
  • Mining Frigate 5
  • Ore Hauler 5, Salvaging 5
  • Caldari Freighter 4, Transport Ships 4
  • ALL Ore Reprocessing Skills except Abyssal Ore at 5
  • Most Science skills required for blueprints trained to at least 3 (see skill sheet for specifics)

Per the rules thread, the following can be listed:

  • Bonus Remap available
  • +5 Int and Mem implants
  • Beancounter RX-804 installed (+4% reprocessing yield to ore and ice)

75B buyout, 60B start


62 bil isk

24 hours have passed, and the countdown starts! Current highest bid is 62B from traderPro - if there’s no higher bids in 24 hours, it’s theirs. Any bids from now on reset the countdown until we’re done. Good luck all!

We have a winner! @traderPro wins the bidding, and character transfer will start when payment and the necesary info is recieved :slight_smile:

Has trader accepted? I am interested!

Buyer hasn’t paid or replied to communications yet, so bidding is re-opened for 24 hours. If after 12 hours no bids are recieved, it’ll fall back to the next highest bidder. Buyout lowered to 75B too.

Courtesy ping for @Avelarius_Amilupar who registered interest :slight_smile:

62B isk

24 hours are up, and @Flame-Hair_Shana is the winner at 62B! Character is ready to go as soon as ISK and account details are recieved :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, another non-payer. Private offer has been accepted in the meantime.

ISK recieved from Miss Limited Liability, and transfer started. Pleasure doing business!

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