Skill Sheet

Positive balance, NPC Corp (waiting for the skill sheet to recognise the change), no kill rights, will be docked in Jita 4-4. No bonus remaps, next one available in January. Currently on an Int/Mem remap.


  • Maxed Trade skills
  • All booster skills maxxed
  • CCU and Interplanetary Consolidation 5
  • Corp Creation Skills all 5 except Sovereignty
  • Caldari Freighter V
  • Caldari Frigate, Cruiser, and Battlecruiser all 5
  • Capital Industrial Ships and Capital industrial Reconfiguration at 5
  • JF 4

Per the rules thread, the following can be listed:

  • +5 Int and Mem implants, +4 to the others
  • Mining Foreman Mindlink installed
  • Has the Zakura Hansei capsule SKIN, which can no longer be obtained or purchased on the market

85B buyout, 70B start


72 bil isk

24 hours have passed, and the countdown starts! Current highest bid is 72B from traderPro - if there’s no higher bids in 24 hours, it’s theirs. Any bids from now on reset the countdown until we’re done. Good luck all!

We have a winner! @traderPro wins the bidding, and character transfer will start when payment and the necesary info is recieved :slight_smile:

Buyer hasn’t paid or replied to communications yet, so bidding is re-opened for 24 hours. If after 12 hours no bids are recieved, it’ll fall back to the next highest bidder. Buyout also lowered to 85bill.

71B Bid

I will give you the 72 bill that he didn’t pay out

73B bid :wink:

73.5 bill

73.6B bid

24 hours have passed, and @gimli47112 is the winner with a bid of 73.6B! Character is ready to go as soon as ISK and account details are recieved :slight_smile:

@Aki_Lenti ingame mail an ISK send

ISK recieved, and transfer started. Pleasure doing business!

Thx .

Transfer completed, got the char.

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