Clean killboard, NPC corp, Pos wallet, No kill rights, Standard Training Implants in current pod, Clean Pod Jumpclone in Jita, Rep LVL 3 missions for Gallente open.

As stated in title Cyno 5, PI 5/5, Ice Mining 5, Recon 2 (Arazu)

Currently training to sit Ishtar (18days)

Perfect Alt buddy for your carrier or dread to have for emergency cynos while you crab.
Passively earn isk with PI, can make Fuel blocks with PI and ICE to fuel your own POS ect.

885k unused skill points
Skins on account 72 but nothing extra ordinary

7.5b starting bid
10b buy out

885k unused skill points brings total sp to 11.8m

I found a better char for me, so I’m withdrawing my offer

… ok understood

Bump I’m still for sale.

7.5b offer

8B offer

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Yeet if your still serious post your bid again. its been 48 hours im opening bidding back up


Bump… Opening bidding back up as highest bidder isnt responding. Current Bid 7.5b

Daily Bump

7.5b offer cash ready to go :slight_smile:

Ok James, Bid accepted send mail (account name for transfer) and isk will start the process when that step is done

I will do it when get back from work ~ 5h from now

Isk and mail sented. Waiting for you

transfer started to account info that was supplied

i received character thanks !

Close it. Thanks.

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