WTS 5.3M Cyno Alt / Skill Farm

(Daria Sin) #1

Confirming that I am for sale :wink:


5.3 Mil SP - 14,000 unallocated skill points.
3 Remaps
No Kill Rights
In Jita 4-4
Cybernetics 5 / No implants
Positive Wallet

5.5B B/O

(Fuarran) #2


(Kigori) #3

4.5 bil offer

(Hanjun Kugisa) #4

5.5 bn

(Daria Sin) #5

Hanjun_Kugisa - Accepted offer.

Send isk and account name in game to xfer to.

(Hanjun Kugisa) #6

will do tomorrow, thank you.

(Hanjun Kugisa) #7

Isk sent, transfer to account:

(Daria Sin) #8

transfer has started. thanks!

(Hanjun Kugisa) #9

recieved char, all good, no complaints. thank you.

(ISD Norros) #10

Removed account name

(system) #11

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