5M SP Cyno Alt / Skill Farm

Confirming I am for sale. Old cyno alt no longer needed.


pw: 123

3 Bonus Remaps.
Positive wallet
No Kill rights
Located in Hi Sec
NPC Corp
Positive sec status

I will pay transfer fee.

5B or best offer.

4bv ready now, if u have more alts for sell, we can make deal…

thanks for the interest, however looking for closer to 5b.

4.5b b/o

4.75 b/o

No cyb 5. Offer of 4.5 bill when all offers withdraw.

offer withdrawn.

4.6 B/O

4.6 offer from Garsk accepted. Send isk and account info so I can start the transfer.

transfer via plex?

4.6b isk sent and acc info also

Mate did u start transaction?

yes - started.

ok ty

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