WTS 10M Sp Pilot/Cyno Alt

Hi, selling

Trained up cyno 5 as well, i
+4 implants
Regular neural remap available
2 bonus neural remaps available
No kill rights
Positive wallet
0 sec status
Resting comfortably in jita 4-4

Has Cyno 5 for covert along with all baseline skills for a fresh start.


B/O = 10B


I offer 4B

5b b/o

7b offer

8b b/o

how are people offering 8 billino isk for this.


Because they want to use it an not extract it.

9b if you’re still selling

Will need time to biomass an alt though.

sold, send isk/account info when ready.

Slot is biomassing already.
Will send at 2100 eve when I get home

Isk and details sent

transfer started, enjoy