WTS Cyno5/Recon/Prober/Explo 11.2m SP

Offering a cyno alt with probing & explo skills. Cyno 5, Archaeology 5, Astrometrics 5, decent core skills. Can also fly an interceptor.

In NPC corp
Positive sec
Positive wallet (5m isk)
No killrights
Located in Amarr
1 jump clone also in Amarr
1 + 1 bonus remap
130k unallocated


Start at 7B ISK

bump .

Start at 4b

Thanks for the offer, but it won’t go for that.




5b offer

7b offer

Thanks, 7b offer noted

Redacted offer

sorry, I don’t check ingame mails on this char. Offer noted and I will close this auction in a few hours. Lets say 22:00 eve time

Uh, ok. Not sure you know what redacted means ?

7B offer accepted. Please send ISK and account info to this toon

No reaction from buyer. Toon still available


6bil :wink:

thx for the offer. I’ll let it go for 7b


I’ll take it for 7b.

offer accepted, send isk and account info :slight_smile: