WTS 14mill SP [Cyno 5] Exhumer Specialist

(Lady McMineaway) #1


Need to sell this old char. You can check eveboard on this link:

Top skills:

  • Exhumer 5
  • Minmatar Indy 5
  • Cyno 5
  • Covert Ops 4

Toon from 2008 and last corp 2012. Very Small Corp History
3 Remaps Up.

Start Price: 10b
Buy Out: 13b

No in game bid please
Post here instead


(Perpetualed) #2

8.5 billion.

(Space Spinachi Chelsea) #3

9 bil

(Tian Amilupar) #4

10 bil

(BoneChilling Chelien) #5


(Lady McMineaway) #6

thanks for all the offers till now.
can we get a little more than 10b? go go go

(ktmkilljoy) #7

10,2 bil. Have to wait with transfer since i am in transfer at the moment till tomorrow
Is he docked in secure sector and you have no bounty placed on you ?
Just want to be sure :slight_smile: thx for reply

(Tian Amilupar) #8

10,5 bill

(ktmkilljoy) #9


(Tian Amilupar) #10

11.5 bill i would offer

(ktmkilljoy) #11

12 bil and i am now eligible for transfer

(Tian Amilupar) #12

13 bill b/o

(ktmkilljoy) #13

13,5 bil b/o

(Sona Lemmont) #14

This is the toon i am betting with since i sold ktmkilljoy yesterday so sorry for confusion 13,5 B/O still stands from me if you are intrested

(Lady McMineaway) #15

Hi Sona Lemmont! You have the highest B/O. it’s yours.
Send me please your account name and isk.


(Sona Lemmont) #16

omw to transfer money and account

ISK send information about account as well send via ingame mail

(Lady McMineaway) #17

Account transfered [28 Jan 2018 13:56]

Thanks and fly safe!

(Sona Lemmont) #18

thank you for the transfer pleasure doing business with you o7

(system) #19

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