(SOLD) WTS 8,1 mil SP Exhumer Miner

Selling (this) Exhumer miner character, 8,1 mil SP.


Currently training Exhumers V - about halfway done, 8 days 12 hours left until completed.
(Account where this character resides currently is active for 6 more days so it will keep training until 21st May unless sold before)

Positive wallet balance (about 4mil ISK), no kill rights or other hassle, located in High Sec station.

8 bil

5b Isk ready

5.1B offer

Thank you for the offers, unfortunately my target is higher.

what price do you have in mind for a buyout?

offer are already very high for a exhumer IV pilot with basic cristal at best, skillpoint aren’t focused and It need work, I have seen way better toon going for 4-5b. (good toon would be : exhumer V, all crystal V, cyber V)
I maintain my offer but won’t go further, this Isn’t worth 8b

I could go for 6,5.

Sent you eve mail

still available? can go to 5.5 bil now

bounciny my offer to 6b

I will take it for 6.5Bn

6.6 : )





Sorry guys, I was traveling the weekend.
Give it an hour from now and then going for the highest.

Going for aisha_rosenman for 6,85b. Will you convo me after DT or later today? I have to go do some shopping but of course you can go ahead and send the isk and let me know the account name which to transfer to.


never noticed you have already sold it