Selling a refining/exhumer alt

Afternoon everyone, I’m confirming that I am indeed for sale. pass: 1234

I know this character isn’t much, but it does go well with rorqs!

how much for a B/O?

Ill start at 7 bill

7.5 buyout?

8 bill isk


did it still actualy?

Also interested

Bump, sorry guys had intense flooding in my area they just restored services recently. I would still love to sell this character, today!

Current offer in PM was 8.8b!

Offer? Current bid is 8.8B

I’ll do 9 but won’t be able to transfer until end of day unfortunately

I will accept the 9b offer, I’m heading out on the lake for most of the day. Just let me know when you get back for the transfer

ISK sent from my alt, account name is in donation reason.

Posting again to confirm that isk and acc info was sent yesterday, want to confirm transfer process

Hey what happened? The isk was returned to me without explanation. Do you no longer wish to sell the character?

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