This is now updated to wts and not a price check.

Got 1 kill right on him but not activated.
Positiv wallet.
Sec Status 0.2
If it matters he also got 189 ships skins.

If i have forgotten something please tell me :slight_smile:

Open for offers! But not sure where to start.
Maybe 50b?

49 bill now?

I am open for bids but i wont be home before Sunday so cant say yes now

do you people realize what price check topics are about
Hi man your extraction value is about 54b isk for your price check, now its up to you for how much you want to sell it

50 B offering

Thank you and no i didnt know first time i am gonna sell a character.

Thank you but i cant answer now beacuse i cant really do anything until sunday.


51 bil

Offer seen.
Letting it sit for 1 hour if that is ok.

Zazzel Blackthorn.
Are you stil interested?

Yes, ready now?

yes i am ready.

And i Accept Your offer :slight_smile:

In-game mail sent, pls reply and I’ll send the isk.

ingame mail seen and replyed to :slight_smile:

ISK and account info sent via in-game mail. Please let me know when the transfer has begun.

ISK Recived and transfer is started!

Please let me know when you get the character :slight_smile:

Confirmation email received. Thank you!


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