Wanting to inquire about pricing


If/when you decide to sell, be sure to read though this

Before posting any sales threads

Yeah I read up on them. Idk why the link didnt share to the OG post. ill edit it in. and post here in comments for the ESI or whatever its called these days. Thanks for the check up! o7 Is there maybe also a site for pricing wise as well??

Thanks again!

Franklin Vonalique Price Inquiry!

Not really. Before extractors, it used to be that 1 mil sp =/= 1 bil isk. But most ppl try to just get extraction prices unless its a clone that has skills they need.

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Got it thanks!

I can offer 23b for both

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will keep in mind while waiting for other price inquires as well.

24 bill for Franklin

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Thanks for the offer, I am still inquiring prices and am on the fence about selling the two clones as I have no other real PVP oriented clones. Just scanners. Still seeing what more is out there.

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Bump for pricing check.


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