Price to low sorry

still need price checl

36 Billion ISK is what I would offer

ty let me know if ur intreasted

40b offered

Sure, But you will need to create a sell thread will the properly disclosed information.

If you wait for the right buyer you can probably get 45 bill for it. I am not interested at 40 bill though good luck with the sale mate

havent done this before explane how

i know i need to creat a new post after that u send me the money and then what?

you should read that it will tell you all of the rules and what you need to disclose about the character such as positive wallet, kill rights etc.

kk i just cunfused ont he part where the isk is invalued when he transfore the isk do i leave it or do i transfore it to antoehr toon?

you can do either I believe, however I always transfer the isk to a separate toon before I start any transfers

I am actually going to up my offer to 40.5 bill if you are interested.


im going to create another post

in game i leave the corp and thats about it right?
after that i need to buy 500 plex for the transfore?

Its 1000 plex for the transfer. I’ll up my bid to 41b.

there are 2 different ways that you can do it. 1000 PLEX and a ticket is one way or you can pay 20 dollars on the account management website.

will alocose if u wait till 7 30 west cost time i will sell it to you

mate if I was you I would take the 41 bill you should get all the extra isk you can :slight_smile:

ok absolute truth can u be on at 7 30 west cost time

But like I said you could probably get a 45 bill bid on this in a week or so if you created a sale thread