WTS 8.7m - high standings to gal/min - reprocessing/exhumers


Skilled into exhumers and has decent processing skills. Has decent light drone skills and general core.

Pilot is in npc corp

Positive status

Positive Wallet

No Kill rights

Can pull high level missions for Gallente and Minmatar. Can pull epic arcs for Gallente/Minmatar and both pirate factions.

I’m looking for offers.

1b>? mmm?

Not sure what you mean, but no on 1b.

how are you want

@Tvoy_Provider just so you know, 5mil SP characters are typically 3-4bil. 8-9mil SP are typically 7-8bil minimum

Still for sale.

Still looking for a new owner.

Still looking for owner.

I will offer 4 billion on it!

Thanks for the offer. I think I’m worth a little more than that though.

Do I hear 7b?

Ill throw 5b at it. B/o?

I’d do 7b

I’ll go to 6 on it

Deal. I came to 7. Isk and account name sent! TY

Ty sir, will initiate transfer when I get home.

Transfer started. Thank you!

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