WTS 11mil SP Exhumer Pilot

located in Knophtikoo
positive sec status
no killrights
in NPC corp at the time of this post going up
positive wallet

Make offer

@Rika_Avada 8bill buy out ?

8,5 b B/O

9b b/o

@Rika_Avada 10bill buy out ?

11 bill B/O

@Rika_Avada 12bil buy out!

12,5 bill B/O

@Rika_Avada 13bil Buy out !

14 bill B/o

15.5bil buy out !

16 bill B/O

17bil buy out

are exhumer pilots in high demand… what are these bids

Crazy bids lol. Seem like they are, i been trying to get exhumers for a few days now but auctions seem to be going over what they are worth for sure, oh well. :sweat_smile:

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probably prepping for the new expansion and mineral availability changes. makes sense

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17 billion works please reply if still interested.

@Rika_Avada i am interested, well send isk and account name over in the morning if this is ok ? Not long off to bed.

That sounds good. I am out to eat and about an hour from home. Thank you

Acccount name mailed and isk sent to @Rika_Avada can you confirm both received thanks ?