SOLD WTS 5mil SP Exhumer Pilot SOLD

located in Chaven
positive sec status
no killrights
in NPC corp at the time of this post going up
positive wallet
two clones in high sec. One with Mining Implant 103 and Ice Mining Implant 103

Make offer

@Ximena_Yawey 4bil offer ?

4.5b offer

@Ximena_Yawey 5.5bil offer

Ok @Shadaw_Wolf 5.5b awaiting isk transfer and I will transfer the character.

6 bil works as well. Final sale no other bids accepted until 1200 or noon tomorrow Eve time. Sound good?

Bare with me, im gona make transfer now. Was in bed ha ha.

i have sent account name and isk to @Ximena_Yawey , can you confirm you have received both please ? Thanks.

Isk received and character will be transferred to acct in evemail.

Charcter recived , much appreciated thank you !