Well rounded Exhumer 5 pilot, trained for max yield and solid PI skills for extra $$$.

EveSkillboard - Vicivious

No Killrights
Positive Standing
In Amarr

I will pay for transfer.

Asking 11B Isk.

Vicivious 8 B

Offering 9B


@Zanthar_Eos done deal. Send the isk to the character in game, with an evemail containing the account you want me to send it to, and I will transfer the account immediately.

ISK sent

Isk received, I still need to know the account to send it to.

doubble sent

Thats the name of the account? lol

check mails or memo line of ISK

Ahh there we go, sorry didnt see the comment on the transaction. Will initiate the transfer now.

Transfer is under way, enjoy!

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