WTS 11.4m sp Exhumer V / PI


Password: 852

Exhumers V
ABC Ore(+others) T2 Crystals
Ice Harvesting V
T2 Drones
T2 Mining Drones in 24hrs
PI skills to 4, for next update
Neural Re-map + 2 Bonus available
No kill rights
Positive wallet
Positive Security Status

Starting at, and no less than 10b with 11b buyout
Thank you
Will be online for a bit after posting this.


Thank you, but 10b is my minimum. Online right now will transfer now for 10.5b ?

OKay then. I accept. Do you have a time? I can then be sure to be online.

Okay np, I set phone alarm

10.5b - im online now.

Did you change your mind? CAme back to doublecheck name to send isk to and you withdrew your post.

Was on wrong one. Send now if you please :slight_smile:

It was faster. ><

isk and account name sent

Done, Thank you.
Apologies, Odinessa

Confirmation received. Thanks.

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