WTS 10.7M Miner/Exhumers/PI 2 Remaps

Hello all,

I’m up for sale. Character has all of the basics,

-No Kill Rights
-Positive Wallet
-Located in HS space
-No bad corp history
-Great PI Skills
-Can fly Exhumers
-2 Skill remaps available


Would like to get started at a minimum of 8B, with a buyout of 11B or best offer. Thanks for looking

I’ll go 8b

Thanks for your bid. I’d like to leave the auction up for a day or two still. Thanks for getting it started.

Okay, I’ll let him go for 8 bil. Send the isk and account name and I’ll start the process. I’ll have access to my client in an hour or two.

ISk and Details Sent

Received and transfer started. Thanks

I got the Confirmation Via email, Thanks!

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