WTS 10.5m SP Miner/PI Alt [SOLD]

Skillboard: https://skillboard.eveisesi.space/users/5236c0a4f3c9aa7f398ef55771205db7af6e53ef/
Positive Wallet
No killrights
Positive sec status
One jump clone located in Low-Sec

Unallocated SP: 231,020

Skins: Hulk Nocx Rush

Has 1 bonus remap available

All PI skills to level 4 (remote sensing at 3)
Maxed Mining Barge, just needs Exhumers trained to 1 to fly the Hulk.

Looking for offers.

I will offer 2B, to start.

I will offer 3B

I counter 3.5B

I’ll do 4b


Have a great day.

If no other offer is made in 24 hrs, it’s yours.

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4.5 if you accept now and start transfer.

Send details.

isk and account info sent

This poster accepted here then sold the same character in another thread. I need my money back please. This is a scam

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This post was closed. Further investigation by CCP will be conducted here and in another post.