WTS 5,3 m SP Hulk Miner (Sold)


if you need a good Hulk miner im the right clone.

Can fly a Hulk with T1 strip or ice miner and T2 small drones.

Please check my skills:

Skills EveSkillboard - MINERXSICHT

Positive Wallet
No Killrights
No Jump Clones
Char is located in Jita
Never problems with CCP

I have another toon with similar skills, this will i sell too but in another post.

Make me a good B/O offer, minimum is 6 b
Special offer Esubria + Minerxsicht together 10b b/o


i can offer you 7 bil each toon

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I bid 11 b

Thank you for your offer but minimum is 15b each charackter

Nope thats to much
Last offer 12b for each toon

Im not in hurry so i can wait until someome offers more

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im still for sell

Special offer selling Esubria and Minerxsicht together 10b b/o

offer is accepted, im online and waiting for isk and accountname

offer is withdrawn so im still for sell

up to top

very tempted

Minerxsicht + Esubria 10b or each 6b :grin: