WTS 5mil SP Dedicated Miner - SOLD

WTS Dedicated Miner
1 day to Fly hulk
5.2m skill pilot
Positive wallet and security status
54k Unallocated SP

Wallet 0isk
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
Location High Sec
Positive Wallet and Security Status

bid 5B
B/O 7B

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Am I being silly or can this “Hulk pilot” not actually fly a Hulk?

Its 1 day from Exhumer 1


6 bil b/o

Sold, you can transfer isk and after we can initiate transfer

isk sent account info sent via mail

Isk received . transfer of character will be done

Deal cancelled until further notice will transfer isk back

isk transferred back to clone921

still up for sale?

Not at the moment