WTS 10.5M SP Exhumer Pilot

I am for sell

Exhumer V

Positive Wallet

PW: ore

1 Remap + 2 Bonus (3)

Positive Sec Status
Used as a Miner alt.
In High-Sec Station
+5% miningyield imp
8b B/O

It is a nice character but there a bit of wasted SP with combat skills. I’d offer you 7b.

up :;D

pump it up

pump it to the next lvl ;D

push to the limit

bump it up

vote it up

schnipp schnapp bump it up

pump it up

get it up

see in game mail bid

accepted the bid from Mr. Grief Akachi

isk sent account info sent via in game mail

24 hours from paying isk and no transfer please confirm you have done this

Please return my ISK I am not satisfied with delay in transfer the character is still not on my account
I have eve mailed you but you fail to respond
I do not care that CCP are working through issues with your ability to pay for transfer
You have my ISK and I have no character
Please cancel the trade

Looks like if you dont have the toon, then you are getting your isk back

did he ever get his isk back

so did he get his isk back? i am interested in this pilot if so.

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