[SOLD] WTS 10mil SP Exhumer/geddon pilot


Character hasn’t been used in a couple years and would rather get rid of him than have him waste away!

  • Mining Barge & Exhumer lvl 5
  • slightly negative sec status
  • based in High Sec
  • Full set of +3’s
  • No JC’s
  • No Killrights
  • Remap available
  • Isk Positive
  • 50k SP unallocated

Looking for 9.75bil

all offers considered

I can offer 8B

just a little to low m8 I apologize

Don’t be sorry lol it’s your pilot. I can do 9 but can’t go any higher.

ya know what ill accept 9bil. send to Dark and evemail account you want sent to

I’m at work for another 9 hours. As soon as I get home I’ll send the isk and info. Thank you :grin:

Hey, have to make some room. Thought I had another spot. Waiting 10 hours from this post to bio a useless pilot I had. Will send isk and account info then.

….ok then!

Isk and account name sent. Sorry about that.

No problem! Transfer will be done on my end in 2 hours ! Thank you!

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